Rob - Bass/Guitar/Vocals

Rob on Rob: I started playing the guitar at age 12. I signed up for one semester of lessons in the Milwaukee Public School system, but I am mostly self-taught. During my High School years I was involved in the music programs; Marching band, Jazz band and choir. I tried to start a few rock bands during this time, but was not to successful. I started to transition to more voice, and started voice lessons from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. I did a lot of singing during my remaining high school years, and started to perform at wedding ceremonies. I continued to play guitar after high school, but slowed down after the start of my family. I started playing guitar again when my sons were older, and taught my oldest son how to play. My middle son learned how to play drums. We started our own power trio. We would jam for hours on end and eventually we assembled a band which played a few shows. After my sons moved out, I again packed up all my equipment. A few months ago, Marty invited me to play with Lead Bottom and it was a fun experience, so here we are … and I look forward to rockin' the house with the Lead Bottom Band!

INFLUENCES: All types of music from Reggae to Heavy Metal.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "You’re never too old to Rock & Roll” - Bon Scott

"Jazz isn't dead. It just smells funny." - Frank Zappa

AXOLOGY: My first electric guitar was a 1960s Silvertone (Amp in case). My next guitar which I have played for the past 38 years is my 1960 Fender Jazzmaster. I have played many of my son’s guitars; Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, and several Ibanez, and Epiphone guitars. Now that I am part of Lead Bottom I will invest in my dream guitar … a Les Paul Standard. Line 6 POD Modeling Effects Processor, Marshall 50W half-Stack.

Dale - Drums

Dale on Dale: I started playing the drums at age 11 in Menomonee Falls, Wis., when my brother purchased a set of drum sticks. With a new set of sticks in hand, the usual pots and pans beating commenced! My interest in playing the drums has come and gone over the years, however I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of duplicating drums rhythms that have been developed by others. My first drum set was blue sparkle Sears and Roebuck, Japanese kit by the name of Emperador. The cheap Asian thud sound soon gave way to a new turquoise Ludwig Standard set that my parents purchased in 1970 from Faust Music (Milwaukee’s original Drum store). After a few lessons from my 6th grade elementary school teacher, Jim Diedrich (a local drum legend that recorded minor Midwest hits with the band, Jack and the Beanstalks), I hooked up with my cousin Dan and his brother Doug. We became the group "Distortion", we did everything humanly possible to live up to that name! We learned two songs, WILD THING and SMOKE ON THE WATER. And from those humble beginnings, I later joined up with Tom Clines where we formed "Phaedra", a name that we swiped from the space rock group, Tangerine Dream. After a period of time jamming with many local musicians, I joined the group "City Life". My run ended with them in 1982; from then on, I was a professional basement drummer. The pay sucks but no egos and what a great way to unwind! In 2009, I reconnected with Dan playing songs that were popular when we 1st hooked up 35 years ago. So you could say I’ve come full circle.

FAVORITE DRUMMERS: Buddy Rich, Carl Palmer, Phil Collins, Neil Peart, Tony Williams and Billy Cobham.

FAVORITE BANDS: I listen to all types of music from Classic Rock to Pro. Rock to Jazz Rock. It’s all GOOD!!!!!!!

FAVORITE QUOTE: "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." -Bob Marley


- ’11 Tama Drum Kit - Black

- ’07 Yamaha OAK Custom

- '71 Ludwig Standard turquoise Blue (identical to my 2nd. set from 1970)

- ’00 Pearl Export

- Vintage Gretsch in Grey Oyster

- Cymbals: Assorted Zildjian "A Customs"

- Microphones: Audix

Dan - Guitar/Vocals

Dan's earlier adventures include Distortion (the band), Triple Threat, The Pryonites, Dr. Bob & the Neighbors.

Dan on Dan: I was mostly self-taught, with sporadic guitar lessons from neighbor Paul Carter(Riley Sly Band). The early days were spent in the basement playing my Epiphone guitar with my cousin Dale Schneider (drums) and my brother Doug (bass) and occasional jam sessions with Tom Clines from Exhibit B Band, and a host of others passing on through. Our band was aptly named "Distortion". A new Gibson SG and guitar lessons from Steve Fredrichs (Magnum Opus and Big Wheel) at Ma Brocker’s Falls Music in Menomonee Falls help with the chord stuff. The partnering up with Tim Cole (guitar), Bob Carter (bass), and Dan Carter (drums) led to the formation of "Triple Threat". We played a intoxicating melange of Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Punk. Hey, it was a confusing time for music. We played a few gigs and private parties. Unfortunately, I had to quit the band to continue my college education, but Paul Carter took my place. Tim Cole went on to play in a Country rock band, and the rest of the members continued as the "Cartoons". I had pretty much hung it up with work and family, sold all my equipment (except my Vox Beatle Amp, Fender Super Reverb, Gibson SG, and Alvarez 12-string), and just strummed away on the couch when the mood hit me. I occasionally sat in with some guys from work, the "Pryonites" Dave Barwick (Guitar), Ed Hilgendorf (Keyboards), Tony Jefferson (Drums), and Brian Bossewitz (Bass) for some company picnics and private party gigs. At a Christmas party one year, I was invited to join the neighborhood band Dr. Bob & The Neighbors. We played a number of parties, picnics, and weddings. The latest venture is Lead Bottom... "Gettin' the Lead Out!"

INFLUENCES: Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, James Gang, George Benson, Jimi Hendrix.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Don't get too attached to anything that won't fit in a coffin" (p.s: my guitar will fit just fine) and

"Guitars don't care if you look at other guitars."

AXOLOGY: Amber Flame-top 2004 Paul Reed Smith PRS Custom 22 with Artist Pack, Black 2006 Fender Strat, Black 2005 Ovation Tangent T-357 Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Cherry Finish 1971 Gibson SG Special, Candy Apple Red 2009 Fender Nashville Telecaster, Red 2009 Squier Mini-Stratocaster, 1963 Blackface Fender Super Reverb, Traynor YCV80Q 4x10" GUITAR AMP with Traynor 2x12" Quarter Stack Extension Cabinet, Crate Power Block 150 Amp, Jet City Speaker cabinets with 100W Celestion speakers, BOSS GT-6 Guitar Effects Modelling Pedal, DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Pedal,Hughes&Kettner Rotosphere.

Marty - Keyboards/Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica

Marty on Marty: My musical career includes the likes of MSO, Present Music and Dr. Bob & the Neighbors.

The musical career began at age 4 with piano lessons. After 40-plus years of classical music performing, including a brief moment of self-congratulatory glory at a Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Christmas concert playing harpsichord, I joined Dr. Bob & The Neighbors and started a legendary (in my own mind) career in rock & roll. Yes, there was bachelor’s (Lawrence Conservatory of Music) and master’s (Western Michigan University) degrees in Piano Performance and Composition, yes, there is an ongoing partnership with Present Music (one of the world’s leading contemporary concert music ensembles), but THIS IS ROCK & ROLL, PEOPLE!

INFLUENCES: Clapton, Pink Floyd, Blue Man Group, Bare Naked Ladies, The Frames... and Rubinstein

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Rehearsing with Marty is like going to the dentist." - Marty's Bandmates

AXOLOGY: Guitars: (Heritage H140 Goldtop, Heritage H535 in tobacco sunburst, Gretsch 6128TVP Power Jet, 2002 PRS Custom 22 with dark cherry sunburst figured maple ten top, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson Les Paul 2008 Standard, a Fender slim Telecaster modded with twin hand-made “Lucifer” pickups from Adeson, one at a time through a Mesa Mini Rectifier with Mesa Thiele 12” cab), Keyboards: (Korg Stage Vintage SV-1 88 key, Korg Triton Extreme 61 key, Korg R3 analog synth, all though a Traynor K4 amp), Vocals: (strained and occasionally bloody vocal cords).

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